52° Premio Nacional de Artes Visuales | 52nd National Prize for the Visual Arts

Estudio (J.M.B.)

Estudio (J.M.B.) Chalk, oil and pencil on found black panel, found whiteboard, wax. 85 per 60 cm

Estudio (C.F.S.)

Estudio (C.F.S.) Chalk, pencil and acrylic on panel. 45 per 55 cm each one.


Estudio (J.T.G.) Chalk and acrylic on found door, pencil on canvas, wood. 135 x 90 cm

The three pieces exhibited (and one of them awarded) at the 52° National Prize for the Visual Arts (National Museum for the Visual Arts, Montevideo, Uruguay, 2007) deal with well-know monolithic representations of three canonical Uruguayan artists. They are part of the How not to dissapear not completely series (2004-2011) and were also displayed at the 2010 retrospective show Loess