Mistakes of the Russian mystics_UNDERGROUND FULDA_F.Tomsich

Fulda, Germany, March 2017

2017, Drawings | Dibujos, Fulda, Mistakes of the Russian Mystics, Pencil | Lápiz

Mistakes of the Russian Mystics: Underground bar, Fulda



Lisbon, October, 2016

2016, Drawings | Dibujos, GIFS, Lisboa, Mistakes of the Russian Mystics, Pencil | Lápiz, Portraits | Retratos

Mistakes of the Russian mystics: at Agapi’s


Open allegories #1, Ljubljana, 2015-2016. Series of 10 paintings, 200 x 140 cm each. Acrylics, oils, pigments, lime, coal, pencil, ink, paper, pastel, plaster, wax and charcoal on cardboard.

2015, 2016, Acrylics | Acrílico, Cardboard | Cartón, Chalk | Tiza, Charcoal | Carboncillo, Coal | Carbón, Deers | Ciervos, Dogs | Perros, Glue | Cola, Heads | Cabezas, ICA | Institute of Consensual Art, Ink | Tinta, Lime | Cal, Ljubljana, Oil | Óleo, Open Allegories | Alegorías Abiertas, Paintings | Pinturas, Pastel, Pencil | Lápiz, Pigments | Pigmentos, Plaster | Yeso, Slovenia | Eslovenia, Wax | Cera

Open allegories #1


A selection of drawings made at the studio in ROG, Ljubljana, 2015-2016. In the framework of the on-going project Portretiranje je nevarno igro, by Damián Vega Velasco and Francisco Tomsich. Many friends and visitors were invited to pose for the artists at their shared studio during 2015-2016, and other artists were invited to participate in the sessions.



2016, ASSOCIATIONS | ASOCIACIONES, Atelje 10, Carbonic paper | Papel carbónico, Charcoal | Carboncillo, Coal | Carbón, Drawings | Dibujos, Ljubljana, Marker | Marcador, Models | Modelos, Paper | Papel, Pen | Bolígrafo, Pencil | Lápiz, Portraits | Retratos, Portretiranje je nevarno igro, Poses, ROG, Slovenia | Eslovenia, Studio Diaries | Diarios de taller

Some portrait sessions at the studio in Rog



Henrike sleeping. Pencil on paper, Ljubljana, 2016

2016, Drawings | Dibujos, Ljubljana, Paper | Papel, Pencil | Lápiz, Portraits | Retratos, Slovenia | Eslovenia

Mistakes of the Russian mystics_A SLOVENE SKETCHBOOK_F.Tomsich

A sketchbook produced in Ljubljana and Koritnice along 2015 and 2016. It includes a bunch of Mistakes of the Russian Mystics series, like The Art Historians Night, the Circus (Cirkusarna ROG) series, the two series of Skupščina  and single studies, portraits and sketches.


2015, 2016, Charcoal | Carboncillo, Coal | Carbón, Drawings | Dibujos, Koritnice, Ljubljana, Marker | Marcador, Mistakes of the Russian Mystics, Paper | Papel, Pencil | Lápiz, Portraits | Retratos, Sketchbooks, Slovenia | Eslovenia

Mistakes of the Russian Mystics: A sketchbook