2017, Actions | Acciones, ASSOCIATIONS | ASOCIACIONES, GIFS, Iconocante, Ljubljana, Memes, Meta City Symptoms / Materialni Pogoji Produkcije, Slovenia | Eslovenia

Memes (Meta City Symptoms 52)

Francisco Tomsich | Memes 
Torek | Tuesday | Martes 19.9.2017, 20:00
Podhod Tivoli, Ljubljana

Memes was a projection of a series of 40 ordered memes made combining fragments of the “Epilogue” to G. M. Tamás’s essay Telling the truth about class with a ramdom selection of the artist’s collection of images, the Iconocante. These images are often used as sources for drawings and paintings and have diverse origins: press photography, self-made videos and photos, historical archives, reproductions of artworks, etc. The action was carried out under heavy and persistent rain at the entrance of a tunnel in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


2017, Group shows | Muestras colectivas, Porto, Portugal

O livro disperso

‘The Book Dispersed’ is an exhibition that creates a space for practitioners to come together, read, think and discuss a highly significant aspect of contemporary visual culture, i.e. the rich and diverse methods found in books produced by artists.

Featuring: Beatriz AlbuquerqueAna AlvimPatricia Almeida & David-Alexandre GuéniotAbigail AscensoIsabel BaraonaRicardo BasbaumStanislav BrisaJessica BrouderCatarina F. CardosoIsabel CarvalhoPaulo CatricaJulie CookOs Espacialistas, Ana Fonseca, Lara Gonzalez, Dejan HabichtMichael Hampton, Teresa Huertas, Andrea Inocêncio,  Calum F. KerrSharon Kivland, Tanja LazeticCatarina LeitãoAna MadureiraFernando MaranteEugénia Mussa, Eva-Maria Offermann, Andrea Alves de Oliveira, José Oliveira, Susana PaivaTadej PogacarPedro ProençaCarla Rebelo, Eduardo Sousa Ribeiro, Mireille Ribière, Sara Rocio, Ana João Romana & Susana Anágua, paula roushAna SantosKim SvenssonFrancisco Tomsich, Francisco Varela, Rodrigo VilhenaEmmanuelle Waeckerle e Gillian Wylde.

In the 1960s and 1970s the artists’ book came to be seen as an alternative, democratic platform largely free from commercial and/or institutional control, which could be accessed in the private sphere. With the rapid development of digital technology and the consequent rise of the internet one might have expected the book to have become less relevant as an artistic medium, yet this has not come to pass. That digital technology has made it easier and less costly for artists to produce and distribute their work worldwide is certainly a contributing factor, but given its creative potential, couldn’t the artists’ book also provide a format that not only challenges exhibition norms, but actually expands their horizons?

Opening: 23.8.2017

Casa das Artes, Porto (Rua Ruben A 210, 15:00)

Sput&nik The Window . Porto (Rua Bonjardim 1340, 21:30)




Tone. Fažana, August 2017. 29 x 21 cm

2017, Coal | Carbón, Croatia | Croacia, Drawings | Dibujos, Fažana, Paper | Papel, Portraits | Retratos


2017, Das russische Alphabet, Drawings | Dibujos, Fulda, Photography | Fotografía, Studio Diaries | Diarios de taller