In 2022, Francisco Tomsich was selected to participate in the European programme of Studios of Sanctuary residencies In from the Margins. Led by Edinburgh Printmakers, the project connects the UK’s first open access print studio with Cork Printmakers, Ireland, AGA LAB, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Funen Printmaking Studio, Odense, Denmark and International Centre of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The 2022 painting Local earths is being exhibited at the collective exhibition Na plovbi, at Art Kavarna Odeon, Izola, Slovenia.

The 2022 painting Paula Rego died today is being exhibited at Iz(s)olani 2022, Summer Night of the Museums, Sončna dvorana, Izola, Slovenia, June 2022.

You may want to follow the cultural-artistic association Boja’s Instagram profile to get information and updates about locally-based and aimed cultural actions taken by Boja, an association of cultural workers co-founded by Francisco Tomsich and based in Izola, Slovenia.

Common denominator/Skupni imenovalec, an exhibition produced by Cirkulacija2 and coordinated by Borut Savski, Tatiana Kocmur and Francisco Tomsich, will be on view at Cirkulacija2’s headquarters in Ljubljana, from 19th to 31st of May, 2022. In the framework of Ljubljana Art Weekend. Participating artists are: Cirkulacija 2, Ksenija Čerče, Dejan Knez, Tatiana Kocmur, Tilen Mihelič Kurent, name: & Danilo Milovanović, Alen Ožbolt, Nina Pivk, Urška Savič, Francisco Tomsich, Damián Vega Velasco.

Translacija | Traslación video art piece Rdeče niti: TV Dražba, first exhibited in 2021 in Izola, Slovenia was included and published in the digital video archive DIVA (SCCA Ljubljana). Watch it HERE.

An exhibition of a selection of street portraits made together with Ukrainian artist Kateryna Burlyna in the last two years, is on display at Art Kavarna Odeon, Izola.

In March 2022, the Moradas de Branislava Susnik|Bivališča Branislave Sušnik project was on tour in Montevideo and Buenos Aires, presenting the homonymous book and the film Hiša med vodami/Casa entre aguas (Henrike von Dewitz, 2021) in different institutions and contexts. Documentation available HERE and in the project’s FB and IG profiles.

The reception of Latin American literature in Slovenia in the 1960s and 1970s: towards a comprehensive bibliography, by Barbara Pregelj and Francisco Tomsich was published in Ars & Humanitas, 15, Vol. II, Ljubljana, 2021.

Atelje 11, Francisco Tomsich’s new studio in Izola, Slovenia, was inaugurated on January 2022. Follow @franciscotomsich on Instagram to chech out its development!

The Moradas de Branislava Susnik | Bivališča Branislave Sušnik project has launched the first edition of the Branislava Susnik Residence program for Spanish-speaking women scholars and researchers to develop a site-specific research project in Medvode, Slovenia, Branislava Susnik’s birthplace.

The exhibition Rdeče niti by Translacija | Traslación will be on view from 2.11 to 2.12, 2021 at Salsaverde gallery, Gramscijeva 4, Izola, Slovenia.

Unspoken, a work made in collaboration by Shqipe Mehmeti and Francisco Tomsich is on view at the biennial exhibition of the Galičnik Art Colony. Skopje, National gallery of the Republic of North Macedonia, Mala Stanica.

The project Bivališča Branislave Sušnik/Moradas de Branislava Susnik is being presented by Barbara Pregelj, Francisco Tomsich and Henrike von Dewitz at the Coloquio Internacional de Hispanistas Centroeuropeos (Budapest/Pécs/Szeged, Hungary, 8–13 November 2021).

Read about the Bivališča Branislave Sušnik/Moradas de Branislava Susnik project: “Moradas de Susnik”: tras las huellas de Branislava en Eslovenia”. Asunción, El Nacional, 6.11.2021. Interview with Francisco Tomsich and Barbara Pregelj by Adriana Almada.

Henrike von Dewitz‘s documentary film A house between waters, made in the framework of Branislava Sušnik’s Dwellings project, will be showed and discussed in Ljubljana on Tuesday 19.10.2021, 18:00 at the Slovene Ethnological Museum.

The official launching of the book Forma y sonido. Quince años de arte sonoro en el Uruguay (Lukas Kühne and Fabrice Lengronne, eds., UNQ, 2020) which includes Francisco Tomsich’s essay “Una muestra fundacional”, devoted to the seminal exhibition Forma y sonido, made in Montevideo in 2005, will be done on Friday 15.10, 15:00 (Uruguay time) at:

Demonstration I and Demonstration II, two paintings produced in the framework of the artists’symposium of Festival Ljubljana 2021 will be on view until the Summer of 2022 at Viteški dvorani Križank, Ljubljana.

Hypochondria, an exhibition of recent devices, operations and objects. Galerija Insula, Smrekarjeva 20, Izola, Slovenia, 28.5 – 23.6, 2021.

The anthology of Paraguayan short stories for children and young adults translated into Slovene Paragvajske Pravljice features a series of illustrations by Francisco Tomsich. Check out some of them here.

Peter Korchnak’s research project and podcasts’ series Remembering Yugoslavia: Journeys Through the Memory of a Disappeared Country has jus issued a podcast about and around Francisco Tomsich’s project Give my regards to those you connect, also known as The “Yugoeslavia” folder. Listen to The YUruguayan Connection: The Lost World of Yugoslav Mail Art, or read its transcription HERE.

Los sabios hipopótamos [Two wise hippos] by Peter Svetina, illustrated by Francisco Tomsich (Malinc, 2020) is out! Watch the trailer HERE.

The book Bivališča Branislave Sušnik | Moradas de Branislava Susnik, edited by Barbara Pregelj and Francisco Tomsich and published by Malinc is out! Check it out here!

Francisco Tomsich’s book of short stories Auga was granted with the Third Prize at the National Prize for Literature of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Uruguay 2020. Coming soon!

The first issue of the London-based  ~lish journal includes three texts from Francisco Tomsich’s Broken English Poems series (2020).  ~lish journal 1.1 features texts from Lillian Allen, Boris Buden, Sean Burn, Laura Cemin, Rubèn Fernández, Nicoline van Harskamp, Evelina Hägglund, Pilar Izquierdo, Rosa Johanna, Matej Kavčič, Andrea Knezović, Jakob Niedziela, Adrian Olas, Ida Parise, Stella Cade Rotstein, Francisco Tomsich & Daniella Valz-Gen.