Two pieces fom the Study of Magdeleine Paz series, made at a fine arts colony in Sinji Vrh, Slovenia, in 2020 are on view at Galerija Šivčeva hiša, Radovljica, Slovenia, from 20.4 to 27.5, 2021.

Peter Korchnak’s research project and podcasts’ series Remembering Yugoslavia: Journeys Through the Memory of a Disappeared Country has jus issued a podcast about and around Francisco Tomsich’s project Give my regards to those you connect, also known as The “Yugoeslavia” folder. Listen to The YUruguayan Connection: The Lost World of Yugoslav Mail Art, or read its transcription HERE.

You may like to follow @franciscotomsich on Instagram to check the daily entries devoted to the on-going working process on the series of new works and an upcoming exhibition entitled Hypochondria.

Los sabios hipopótamos [Two wise hippos] by Peter Svetina, illustrated by Francisco Tomsich (Malinc, 2020) is out! Watch the trailer HERE.

Francisco Tomsich’s 2020-painting The Masks is at the 59th National Prize for the Visual Arts of Uruguay. Contemporary Art Space (EAC), Montevideo, Uruguay. December 2020 – April 2021.

The book Bivališča Branislave Sušnik | Moradas de Branislava Susnik, edited by Barbara Pregelj and Francisco Tomsich and published by Malinc is out! Check it out here!

Francisco Tomsich’s book of short stories Auga was granted with the Third Prize at the National Prize for Literature of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Uruguay 2020. Coming soon!

The first issue of the London-based  ~lish journal includes three texts from Francisco Tomsich’s Broken English Poems series (2020).  ~lish journal 1.1 features texts from Lillian Allen, Boris Buden, Sean Burn, Laura Cemin, Rubèn Fernández, Nicoline van Harskamp, Evelina Hägglund, Pilar Izquierdo, Rosa Johanna, Matej Kavčič, Andrea Knezović, Jakob Niedziela, Adrian Olas, Ida Parise, Stella Cade Rotstein, Francisco Tomsich & Daniella Valz-Gen.

The book Forma y sonido. Quince años de arte sonoro en el Uruguay (Lukas Kühne and Fabrice Lengronne, eds., UNQ, 2020) includes Francisco Tomsich’s essay “Una muestra fundacional”, devoted to the seminal exhibition Forma y sonido, made in Montevideo in 2005.