An open studio exhibition
October-November, 2017
Atelje 10, Rog, Ljubljana

Cleaning the studio after a long absence. A pile of found pieces of wood. Origins, former usages. Yellow, red, blue, black, white. Study and parody of Suprematist drawings. Elevation of a composition: gravity, inertia, equilibrium. Tables, pedestals. Projection: Meditation Nº6 (Zemlja), a sketch. At the opening, the public is invited to carve potatoes into heads and find a place for them in the installation. Dehydration as sculptural process.

2017, Atelje 10, Das russische Alphabet, Heads | Cabezas, Installations | Instalaciones, Ljubljana, Meditations | Meditaciones, Potatoes | Papas, Projection | Proyección, ROG, Slovenia | Eslovenia, Solo exhibitions | Muestras individuales, Studio Diaries | Diarios de taller, Wood | Madera




and the Centennial of the Russian Revolution
we would like to invite you to three nights of open studio exhibition
at Atelje 10 (ROG, 3rd Floor, extreme left)
Tuesday 7th, Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th, November, 2017
from 18:00 to 21:00

ATELJE 10, 7-10-2017

2017, Atelje 10, Group shows | Muestras colectivas, Ljubljana, Slovenia | Eslovenia



A selection of drawings made at the studio in ROG, Ljubljana, 2015-2016. In the framework of the on-going project Portretiranje je nevarno igro, by Damián Vega Velasco and Francisco Tomsich. Many friends and visitors were invited to pose for the artists at their shared studio during 2015-2016, and other artists were invited to participate in the sessions.



2016, ASSOCIATIONS | ASOCIACIONES, Atelje 10, Carbonic paper | Papel carbónico, Charcoal | Carboncillo, Coal | Carbón, Drawings | Dibujos, Ljubljana, Marker | Marcador, Models | Modelos, Paper | Papel, Pen | Bolígrafo, Pencil | Lápiz, Portraits | Retratos, Portretiranje je nevarno igro, Poses, ROG, Slovenia | Eslovenia, Studio Diaries | Diarios de taller

Some portrait sessions at the studio in Rog


Los Hombres Sin Paz en el Festival Internacional de Danza del Uruguay (FIDCU), 8/5/2016. Fotos: Irene Guiponi / FIDCU

2016, ASSOCIATIONS | ASOCIACIONES, Blanes Museum | Museo Blanes, Dance | Danza, Ferrari/Tomsich, Los Hombres Sin Paz, Montevideo, Public Space | Espacio público, Uruguay


ASSOCIATIONS | ASOCIACIONES, Atelje 10, Ljubljana, Press | Prensa, ROG, Slovenia | Eslovenia


Henrike von Dewitz: Bedrohte Freiräume in Ljubljana. Künstler wehren sich gegen die Räumung eines besetzten Zentrums

Origen: Henrike von Dewitz: Bedrohte Freiräume in Ljubljana. Künstler wehren sich gegen die Räumung eines besetzten Zentrums