Velenje, Slovenia, August 2016

2016, 20th Century Frieze | Friso del Siglo XX, Drawings | Dibujos, Paper | Papel, Pencil | Lápiz, Sketchbooks, Velenje

Parade (a sketch)


Mistakes of the Russian mystics_A SLOVENE SKETCHBOOK_F.Tomsich

A sketchbook produced in Ljubljana and Koritnice along 2015 and 2016. It includes a bunch of Mistakes of the Russian Mystics series, like The Art Historians Night, the Circus (Cirkusarna ROG) series, the two series of Skupščina  and single studies, portraits and sketches.


2015, 2016, Charcoal | Carboncillo, Coal | Carbón, Drawings | Dibujos, Koritnice, Ljubljana, Marker | Marcador, Mistakes of the Russian Mystics, Paper | Papel, Pencil | Lápiz, Portraits | Retratos, Sketchbooks, Slovenia | Eslovenia

Mistakes of the Russian Mystics: A sketchbook



Claude. Nancy, 20-12-2014.

2014, Drawings | Dibujos, France | Francia, Mistakes of the Russian Mystics, Nancy, Paper | Papel, Pen | Bolígrafo, Portraits | Retratos, Sketchbooks