Imago Mundi - A Fragment of Argos by Francisco Tomsich

A fragment of Argos, piece included in the collection Slovenia: voices of transition, devoted to 133 contemporary artists from Slovenia and currently exhibited at Imago Mundi – Mediterranean Routes (ZISA Zone Arti Contemporanee, Palermo, Italy).

2016, Argos, Canvas | Tela, Cardboard | Cartón, Coal | Carbón, Group shows | Muestras colectivas, Lime | Cal, Paintings | Pinturas, Pigments | Pigmentos, PUBLICATIONS | PUBLICACIONES

Imago Mundi


Five pieces from the Archaelogies series, fragments of installations and paintings made on cardboard then torn and burnt and pasted on paper, 297 x 420 mm each

2016, Acrylics | Acrílico, Archaelogies | Arqueologías, Argos, Cardboard | Cartón, Coal | Carbón, Cy, Fire | Fuego, Lenin, Lime | Cal, Ljubljana, Paintings | Pinturas, Pigments | Pigmentos, Slovenia | Eslovenia

Archaelogies #



2016, Archaelogies | Arqueologías, Argos, Cardboard | Cartón, Coal | Carbón, Drawings | Dibujos, Lenin, Lime | Cal, Ljubljana, Paper | Papel, Pigments | Pigmentos, Slovenia | Eslovenia

Argos (a sketch)