Open allegories #1, Ljubljana, 2015-2016. Series of 10 paintings, 200 x 140 cm each. Acrylics, oils, pigments, lime, coal, pencil, ink, paper, pastel, plaster, wax and charcoal on cardboard.

2015, 2016, Acrylics | Acrílico, Cardboard | Cartón, Chalk | Tiza, Charcoal | Carboncillo, Coal | Carbón, Deers | Ciervos, Dogs | Perros, Glue | Cola, Heads | Cabezas, ICA | Institute of Consensual Art, Ink | Tinta, Lime | Cal, Ljubljana, Oil | Óleo, Open Allegories | Alegorías Abiertas, Paintings | Pinturas, Pastel, Pencil | Lápiz, Pigments | Pigmentos, Plaster | Yeso, Slovenia | Eslovenia, Wax | Cera

Open allegories #1


Five pieces from the Archaelogies series, fragments of installations and paintings made on cardboard then torn and burnt and pasted on paper, 297 x 420 mm each

2016, Acrylics | Acrílico, Archaelogies | Arqueologías, Argos, Cardboard | Cartón, Coal | Carbón, Cy, Fire | Fuego, Lenin, Lime | Cal, Ljubljana, Paintings | Pinturas, Pigments | Pigmentos, Slovenia | Eslovenia

Archaelogies #


A selection of drawings made at the studio in ROG, Ljubljana, 2015-2016. In the framework of the on-going project Portretiranje je nevarno igro, by Damián Vega Velasco and Francisco Tomsich. Many friends and visitors were invited to pose for the artists at their shared studio during 2015-2016, and other artists were invited to participate in the sessions.



2016, ASSOCIATIONS | ASOCIACIONES, Atelje 10, Carbonic paper | Papel carbónico, Charcoal | Carboncillo, Coal | Carbón, Drawings | Dibujos, Ljubljana, Marker | Marcador, Models | Modelos, Paper | Papel, Pen | Bolígrafo, Pencil | Lápiz, Portraits | Retratos, Portretiranje je nevarno igro, Poses, ROG, Slovenia | Eslovenia, Studio Diaries | Diarios de taller

Some portrait sessions at the studio in Rog



Henrike sleeping. Pencil on paper, Ljubljana, 2016

2016, Drawings | Dibujos, Ljubljana, Paper | Papel, Pencil | Lápiz, Portraits | Retratos, Slovenia | Eslovenia
2016, Actions | Acciones, ASSOCIATIONS | ASOCIACIONES, Ljubljana, Meta City Symptoms / Materialni Pogoji Produkcije, Slovenia | Eslovenia, Studio Diaries | Diarios de taller

Meta City Symptoms #35

Meta City Symptoms #35 / Remains of a demonstration. Kongresni trg, Ljubljana, Slovenia. This sardonic piece for the Meta City Symptoms project reacts to recent news informing that Burger King Russia will launch in St. Petersburg a limited edition of hamburgers inspired by Russian artist Petr Pavlensky’s works.