2014, 2015, 2016, Archaelogies | Arqueologías, Cardboard | Cartón, Coal | Carbón, Fire | Fuego, Ink | Tinta, Lime | Cal, Ljubljana, Pigments | Pigmentos, The Burden

Five pieces from the Archaelogies series (Ljubljana)

For the Archaelogies series, fragments of installations, interventions for the public space and studies for paintings are re-composed as autonomous pieces and collages  Five works made at Rog, Ljubljana, Slovenia, between 2014 and 2016. Pigments, coal, lime, acrylics and ink on cardboard, torn and burnt and mounted on paper.


Five pieces from the Archaelogies series, fragments of installations and paintings made on cardboard then torn and burnt and pasted on paper, 297 x 420 mm each

2016, Acrylics | Acrílico, Archaelogies | Arqueologías, Argos, Cardboard | Cartón, Coal | Carbón, Cy, Fire | Fuego, Lenin, Lime | Cal, Ljubljana, Paintings | Pinturas, Pigments | Pigmentos, Slovenia | Eslovenia

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