An open studio exhibition
October-November, 2017
Atelje 10, Rog, Ljubljana

Cleaning the studio after a long absence. A pile of found pieces of wood. Origins, former usages. Yellow, red, blue, black, white. Study and parody of Suprematist drawings. Elevation of a composition: gravity, inertia, equilibrium. Tables, pedestals. Projection: Meditation Nº6 (Zemlja), a sketch. At the opening, the public is invited to carve potatoes into heads and find a place for them in the installation. Dehydration as sculptural process.

2017, Atelje 10, Das russische Alphabet, Heads | Cabezas, Installations | Instalaciones, Ljubljana, Meditations | Meditaciones, Potatoes | Papas, Projection | Proyección, ROG, Slovenia | Eslovenia, Solo exhibitions | Muestras individuales, Studio Diaries | Diarios de taller, Wood | Madera


2017, Actions | Acciones, ASSOCIATIONS | ASOCIACIONES, Ljubljana, Meta City Symptoms / Materialni Pogoji Produkcije, Photography | Fotografía, Projection | Proyección, Slovenia | Eslovenia

Meta City Symptoms 54: A place for Fidel Castro’s signature



Tone. Fažana, August 2017. 29 x 21 cm

2017, Coal | Carbón, Croatia | Croacia, Drawings | Dibujos, Fažana, Paper | Papel, Portraits | Retratos