Summer Songs | Poletne pesmi

The Silent Movies (Francisco Tomsich – Borut Savski)

Cirkulacija 2
Podhod Ajdovščina, Ljubljana
22. march – 6. april 2023
Open Monday-Friday 12.00 – 18.00
Opening :: Wednesday 22. march 2023, 20:00 ::: Performance: The Benshi Project: Summer Songs
Wednesday, 29. march 2023 at 20.00: Concert: The Silent Movies (Francisco Tomsich + Borut Savski)

Summer Songs, the second project of The Silent Movies duo, is an artistic environment comprising a series of sources of visual, sound and verbal information mutually dependent on each other. It functions as an never-ending concert, in which a video installation composed by a series of recent silent films made by Francisco Tomsich provide rough material, red threads and digital data to a sound ecosystem developed through an original software and materialized using specifically-made sound sources (-> vibration loudspeakers) by Borut Savski. It seems that the first project from 2020 entitled Elegy was inspirational enough to lead th participating authors to Summer Songs.

Dedicated to Simon and Boštjan