The “Yugoeslavia” folder was an exhibition of documents and artworks related to the long-term, on-going artistic research project “Give my regards to those you connect” aimed to map, excavate and recreate connections between Mail Artists from South America and the Former Yugoslavia in the framework of the paradigm Talgia.  It was hosted by the Museum of Memory (MUME) of the City of Montevideo, Uruguay, between 13.12.2019 and 29.1.2020.


Henrike von Dewitz: We’ll see us tomorrow. Documentary film on TV set. Colour, sound, 17’29’, 2019.

Francisco Tomsich: Са водом из испраних револвера [With water from washed revolvers]. From the Silent Works series. Single-channel video, silent, 7’45’, loop, 2019 + Booklet.

Sheets from the catalogue of Privatni život (Private Life) a Mail Art exhibition organized by Andrej Tišma, 1986-1987. Second edition, Novi Sad, Yugoslavia, June 1987. The show summoned postcards from 320 artists from 32 countries. Donated to the author by Andrej Tišma, Novi Sad, July 2019.

Francisco Tomsich: Composition made with prints and photocopies from the working process in the project “Give my regards to those you connect” (The Clemente project)”. Belgrade-Montevideo, 2019.

Francisco Tomsich: An e-mail exchange with Nenad Vujić about pots. Prints, framed. Nenad Vujić is a researcher and writer based in Belgrade, Serbia, author of the essay “The cannibal cassette”, included in the exhibition.

Francisco Tomsich - The Yugoeslavia Folder, MUME, Montevideo018

Remains from Nenad Bogdanović’s performance Human Code (13.12.2019).

Nenad Bogdanovič y Andrija Ivanov: Nenad Bogdanovič: Actividades de Arte Correo 1980-1995. Video (DVD/TV set) silent, 12’20, loop.