La Batalla de Nancy: work in process

Work materials and registry of working process; La Batalla de Nancy (The battle of Nancy), EAC (Contemporary Art Space), Montevideo, Uruguay, November, 2019.

The exhibition’s point of departure was a series of artworks, exhibitions, documents and raw material (video, photography, text, sound) produced in Nancy, France, in different periods between 2013 and 2018. All these elements came to collide with a maelstrom of images, affections and conversations related to the critical political situation in Uruguay (general elections signed by the rise of far-right and military political actors), Chile (massive demonstrations followed by brutal repression and violations to the human rights from the part of the government, the police and the military) and Bolivia (a coup d’etat orchestrated by the white, pro-American, conservative and wealthy elite) during the time of the production of the exhibition in Montevideo. The final result arised from the conflict between the representation systems, iconographies and aims assigned to the original project and those emerging from the imperatives posed by the present events.

In the first half of November, 2019 I occupied an half-abandoned studio located behind the exhibition room, where I was working in new paintings, drawings and videos and collaborating with the composer Vladimir Guicheff in the exhibition’s acoustic space.

Working at “La carpintería”, EAC, Montevideo, November, 2019. Photos: Francisco Tomsich / Verena Thissen

In the second half of the month, I used the exhibition room itself as an open studio, working there with technicians and friends in the final composition, which comprises sound and video devices, paintings and a site-specific installation.

La Batalla de Nancy, work in progress & Working with Niklaus Strobel at the Sala 6 (Room 6), EAC, Montevideo, November 2019. Photos: Henrike von Dewitz, Francisco Tomsich