Trembling studies_Francisco Tomsich,2019

Composition. Francisco Tomsich, 2019
Produced in the framework of Touch the Space, “South America-North Macedonia. New beginnings” artists-in-residence program by Makedonida, Atinska 2, Skopje, North Macedonia, August 2019.
Exhibited at the final event of the two-weeks residence period together with works from Augusto Gadea, Gjorgje Jovanovik, Tatiana Kocmur, Vladimir Lukash, Shqipe Mehmeti and Julieta Ortiz de Latierro.

Trembling studies_Francisco Tomsich,2019_Detail

Elements of the composition:
1) Four of a series of seven drawings (coal and charcoal on paper A2) produced in Skopje during the residence upon studies, copies and re-elaborations of diagrams reproduced in books and academic journals on seismic and earthquake engineering.

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2) Projection (approx. ⌀70 cm) of the film Silent Works | Skopje “=”$ (Skopje, August 2019, 2’24).


3) Pieces of furniture from the house where the residence was developed: stopped clock, wardrobe and desk displaying the drawing Monument (charcoal and pencil on paper A4, Skopje, August 2019).

Monument_Francisco Tomsich