TXT MADRE_Francisco Tomsich

Landaus is a series of texts in verse written in German as a starting point for a musical composition by the composer Vladimir Guicheff and a sum of operations for the stage to be collectively produced in Cologne, Germany, in November 2018.

I work together with Vladimir Guicheff since 2003, developing models of approaching the tensions between text and music. The chamber opera El cantante (2004-2006, unpublished) and Las Madres (Introduction and fifteen songs for female choir, 2008-2012) are two of the main landmarks of a series of collaborations including diverse kinds of writings, musics and works for the scene in various institutional and collective frameworks in different countries. The Landaus text is, therefore, a Liederbuch, a song book. It was written mostly in Fulda, Germany, between February and June 2017. The state of mind behind the genesis of Landaus is a one of political rage, and the writing process condenses autobiographical experiences, testimonies and stories of migrants in Europe and certain tutelary references (the libretto of Intoleranzza, by Luigi Nono, for example). The translation into Spanish was made by the author in Izola, Slovenia, in October 2018.

Published in the magazine .TXT in October 2018.