TXT MADRE_Henrike von Dewitz

Henrike von Dewitz’s translation into German of Las Madres (The Mothers), a series of poems written in 2008-2009 for a project developed by Francisco Tomsich and the composer, guitarist and improviser Vladimir Guicheff was aimed at producing an interdisciplinary performance work commissioned by the Montevideo-based female choir Kárpátia. The working process encompassed different strategies of collective and site-specific creation, and the main outcome was The Mothers, An Introduction and Fifteen Songs for Female Chamber Choir, an one-hour lenght vocal score premiered in Montevideo in 2012. Las Madres was included in El viento, a book of poetry awarded with the Annual Prize for Literature of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Uruguay later  that year.

Las Madres deals with memoirs, remembrances and testimonies of daughters about their mothers. The talking generation is the one born in Montevideo during or inmediately after the military right-wind dictatorship which governed Uruguay between 1973 and 1985.

Published in the magazine .TXT in October 2018.