La bataille de Nancy


La Bataille de Nancy.  A project for the International Film Festival of Nancy 2018 (FIFNL). Nancy, France, 24.8 – 1.9

La Bataille de Nancy is the framework title behind a group of art projects initiated along 2013-2014 when I was living in Nancy during different periods of time. It includes the first edition of the Melusine’s Works series, as well as the production and manipulation of a big corpus of images, sequences, stories, quotations, sound recordings and texts integrating my Extended Diaries archive (see some here). This is the main source of two different new works to be exhibited in Nancy in 2018. One of them is an installation from the Melusine’s Works and Ruins series to be built at the Cour de la Manufacture in the framework of the International Film Festival of Nancy (24.8 – 1.9.2018). The second one is a large, meditative video installation comprinsing a group of new works dealing with my Nancy Extended Diaries.


La Bataille de Nancy (5.1.1477) has a considerable importance for the history of France in general and of the Duchy of Lorraine in particular, and it has a strong presence in visual arts and literature, as well as in nationalist and revisionist discourses. I will make use of some of these references and stories, and I will manipulate them together with my own iconography in order to approach history painting tradition through autobiographical narratives, collaborative methods of production and a rare mixture of popular Latin-American (an)arquitecture and allegorical thought. Another kind of battle, this one performed everyday and involving each and all of us, is staged through this example.