Rdeče niti #Where is the line?




Rdeče niti #Where is the line? Opening at Rampa/Lab, Kapelica gallery, Ljubljana, 31.5.2018. Photos: Henrike von Dewitz / Tomaž Šantl



RDEČE NITI #Where is the line?

An exhibition of the preliminary results of a research project on memories and narratives around performance art events from the past applied to Where is the line? (Franc Purg, Škuc Gallery, December 1998).

Translacija | Traslación  is plattform for production, exhibition and research on performance art created by artists Tatiana Kocmur and Francisco Tomsich. Performance art in the sense we understand it here happens in a specific time in a specific place. The main material of the artist is his o her own body, and no documentation can substitute the traces of its presence. For the participants and spectators of a performance, being there and then means a very disctint experience which, in the form o memories and remembrances, constitutes their own bodies and takes the shape of stories, discourses and images. We are interested in how individuals and groups remember, articulate and tell stories about what happened in one performance art event from the past.

For this first application of our research model, we chose Franc Purg’s performance Where is the line? (Ljubljana, Škuc Gallery, December 1998). The main reason of this decission lies in some characteristics of the work that make it very appropiate for this kind of experimental approach to historical research. One of them was its very concreteness and economy of resources. Another one is its stunning, even revolting character, and the consequences it had for, and the traces it left in the bodies of the artist, the public and even the social sphere.

The red threats are connections between archives, images, stories and persons, all of them talking about the same event, superimposing, clarifying and contradicting each other.