2017, Actions | Acciones, ASSOCIATIONS | ASOCIACIONES, GIFS, Iconocante, Ljubljana, Memes, Meta City Symptoms / Materialni Pogoji Produkcije, Slovenia | Eslovenia

Memes (Meta City Symptoms 52)

Francisco Tomsich | Memes 
Torek | Tuesday | Martes 19.9.2017, 20:00
Podhod Tivoli, Ljubljana

Memes was a projection of a series of 40 ordered memes made combining fragments of the “Epilogue” to G. M. Tamás’s essay Telling the truth about class with a ramdom selection of the artist’s collection of images, the Iconocante. These images are often used as sources for drawings and paintings and have diverse origins: press photography, self-made videos and photos, historical archives, reproductions of artworks, etc. The action was carried out under heavy and persistent rain at the entrance of a tunnel in Ljubljana, Slovenia.



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