Archaelogies (Lendava) #The girls and the soldier, 2014-2015. At Zmenek na slepo, Galerija Vzpon, Ljubljana. A small site specific piece fixed to the roof of the gallery. From a series of permutable Archaelogies produced upon the remains of Melusine’s Works #7. Photo: Henrike von Dewitz.

2014, 2015, 20th Century Frieze | Friso del Siglo XX, Archaelogies | Arqueologías, Cardboard | Cartón, Coal | Carbón, Group shows | Muestras colectivas, Ljubljana, Paintings | Pinturas, Pigments | Pigmentos, Slovenia | Eslovenia, The girl in front of Grippo's owen, 1972 | La niña del horno de Grippo, 1972, Water | Agua