Anonymous intervention on Tempel der Medusa


Two days following the inauguration of the Tempel der Medusa I returned to take some pictures and found that somebody, possibly more than one person, had intervened the installation in a very awesome way. On one side of the temple he, she or they simulated a kind of living room set up with found objects. It looked as if it had been recently used by a group of people sitting round the fire and eating. At closer look one realises that the remains of the “dishes” are made with sand, soil and tree-leaves. Inside the “temple” there is new furniture: a wardrobe, cabinet and closet, while a large tree trunk stands in the middle of the central space by the painted fire. And, rudely embedded on a wall, we see a home-made pink flag with the following words painted in black: “BLEIBERECHT FÜR ALLE” [Right to stay for all]. When I saw this I knew everything was right. The installation had been used, its spirit understood, other meanings superimposed, and a new and anonymous complexity had thus arisen. From Melusine in Lampedusa (Francisco Tomsich in conversation with Polona Fatur), the Introduction to the book Tempel der Medusa | Templo de Medusa (Ediciones del Viento, 2015).