PACIENTES | [2008-] A Montevideo-based association of artists and musicians devoted to improvisation and site-specific composition. It was founded in 2009 in the frame of TDUEPURC #1 La coronilla by Marcelo Rilla, Vladimir Guicheff, Guillermo Stoll, Jorge Portillo and Francisco Tomsich. The ensemble is also integrated by Juan Martín López and Fabrizzio Rossi. Pacientes has produced public presentations, concerts and sessions in contexts as varied as bars and museums, abandoned buildings and art exhibitions. The CD Pacientes en Pehuajó was published in 2008 when the members of the group met to perform the music for the film Pehuajó (Catalina Marín, 2009). The album La trompa di fallo (historia de la guerra) was released in 2014 by the independent label Feel de Agua (Montevideo, Uruguay).












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