Torstrasse 111 vs Kling & Bang Gallerí

An Essay on History | Wallpaper, lectern, tar paper, stone, clock, 2007. Installation views. Photos: Jonathan Gröger.

An Essay on Fracture | Glass, acrylic, pastel, plaster, wood, pulley, 2007. Installation view, details. Photos: Jonathan Gröger.

Cabeza (Natalia) | Acrylic painting on stone, 3 x 2,5 x 6 cm | Doble autorretrato comunista | Acrylic on panel, 30 x 20 cm each one. | Die berliner Sphinx | Mixed media on paper, 210 per 80 cm

Torstraße 111 vs Kling & Bang Gallerí was an international art exhibition held in October 2007 at Torstraße 111, where I lived and worked in September 2007 thanks to a Scholarship Award from the Ministry of Culture, the Goethe Institut and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uruguay. +/- 30 artists from several countries occupied the whole building of this now legendary art space in Mitte with paintings, objects, installations, performances, music, sculptures and drawings. I produced in Berlin a large amount of drawings, outlines, portraitsdrafts and sketches, many of them devoted to Die berliner Sphinx, the female being with the head of a hare and a serpent’s tail who became later the axis of the homonymous exhibition held at Goethe Institut Montevideo in September 2008. The pieces exhibited at Torstraße 111 vs Kling and Bang Gallerí were composed during the one-month length residence in the house.